Monday, September 23, 2013

Alternative Dispute Resolution - ADR

Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR is a valuable tool useful for litigators in helping bring about successfull resolution of cases without the unnecessary cost of a full-blown trial.  ADR can provide an excellent means to resolving cases quickly and in a more cost effective manner.   

When I first began my practice 15 years ago, I started as an Insurance Defense Attorney.   I represented insurance companies with zeal and enthusiasm for the greater part of 9 years.   After a 2 year forray into commercial litigation, I am now (and have been for the past 4 and a half years) representing plaintiffs in all types of personal injury cases.   This experience has put me in an excellent position to sit as a neutral arbitrator in cases where the parties a seeking some kind of ADR.    As such, I have decided to begin actively seeking opportunities to sit as an arbitrator or mediator.  

I hope that you would consider me as your next arbitrator or mediator for your future need.   I can be reached at or at 267-350-6638 if you are interested. 

My mission is to provide everyone involved with an opportunity for a prompt, full, and fair hearing at a reasonable cost.    I look forward to serving all you legal needs. 

Dory L. Sater, Esquire 

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